My philosophy

Many women are living with immense anxiety and may be so used to it they do not even notice it any more, or may not be aware of how much it’s sapping their energy. The modern idea of “women can have it all” creates increased pressure for all of us to live up to an impossible ideal. One of the best things I can do for ambitious women is help you discover and create what I call the “freedom of limits”. In other words, help you realize that just because you can do something it doesn’t mean that you should do something.

Freedom of limits gives you permission to choose what is most important.

So what does this mean in your real life? It means making the choices that matter most to you. It also means figuring out what doesn’t matter so much to you. In other words, what you don’t give a sh*t about. For example, what your extended family believes about your career or your marriage or your parenting may actually matter less to you than you think it does.

Making choices is not about rejecting your family, your culture, or your past. It is about figuring out how to honor all those things without being controlled or trapped by them. Easier said than done, right? It can be very challenging. Now, most of us don’t like doing stuff that’s hard. This is where therapy can help you move from a place of “stuckness” to a place of movement. When we take on the big problems of life and tackle changes, it is invaluable to have a trusted guide to help us navigate those choices, keep us moving forward, and help us stay focused on what truly matters. I would love to help you on this journey of change.

After successful therapy, you will feel less stuck and scared, you will have more clarity of thought, and you will feel and act more confident. There will be noticeable changes in how you make decisions, approach conflict, and prioritize yourself. These changes will in turn lead to improved career opportunities and happier relationships. If your are ready to start this journey, please reach out and set up your free phone consultation today.

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