Dr. Vara Saripalli

Hello! I’m Dr. Vara Saripalli, a Licensed Psychologist living in Chicago. When not at work, I love to travel, read – especially science fiction and biographies – and watch movies where stuff gets blown up. In my practice, I specialize in helping perfectionists and high achievers who are struggling with burnout and overwhelm find peace, success, and even happiness (or something like that).

But my story doesn’t start there. Originally from the Detroit area, I moved to India when I was ten and lived there until I completed my undergraduate degree in engineering. I returned to the U.S. after college and took a summer internship at Chrysler and then a “real job” at Ford Motor Company. The only problem with this shiny, grown-up job was that I was bored and miserable. I make the exciting decision to become an actuary (spoiler alert – not exciting at all). After working hard to pass three actuarial exams, I found myself filled with dread in the morning as I went to my job at an insurance company. I decided it was time to think about what I wanted to do and stop doing what I “should” do.

Loads of reading, soul-searching, and therapy later, I realized that, more than anything, I loved listening to people and helping them discover what they really wanted and how they actuall felt. Tis discovery led me to leave my job and start my Doctoral Degree in Psychology. From the first classes to the practical therapy training, I knew I’d found a career that I could love, but that didn’t mean it was easy.

In the middle of graduate school, I had a baby, which meant writing my dissertation, fitting in my training hours, and completing my degree, while juggling being a new parent. Always an ambitious doer, I decided to launch a private practice and learn how to run my own business right alongside raising a toddler in the middle of the terrible twos.

As I followed my dreams and set goals for myself, I created my own roadmap based on my priorities, finding my own ways of balancing everything and achieving what I wanted for my life. No more thinking about what I should do.

One thing became very clear to me: I wanted to help people change their lives for the better, without feeling overwhelmed, exhausted or burned out in the process.

And that’s what I want to do for you. I want to show you a different way. A way that enables you to continue producing at your usual high standards while also leaving room for family, friends, and fun.

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